Fashion Update : Gucci Replica Spring/Summer 2015

Update the new season appease fans of Gucci Replica jewelry that emotion going. The chic Jackie Soft Replica Bag is a new version in the form of a bag Bucket Bag Messenger Bag and size available in 2 sizes with a long canvas and leather, crocodile leather and suede seamless. Long shoulder strap made from colorful stripes with stripes Web and lock the horse bit to enhance the distinctive pockets frame made of hand-painted leather or suede. Thick high heel is paired with sandals. Ankle length boots and boots made of suede leather and leather Python. The spherical or aviator sunglasses with the edge pressure. While Whitehorse bit is used to decorate on a silver bracelet and chain lines.

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Cheaper Chanel replica bags just the start in China

Customers line up as they wait to go inside a Chanel Replica shop at a shopping mall in Shanghai.

A week after Chanel Replica surprised the Chinese market with a more than 20 per cent price cut on three of its most popular replica bags, the queues are still forming outside its stores in Shanghai. At Plaza 66, one of the city’s most established luxury shopping malls, a smartly dressed shop assistant is trying to placate impatient customers who have been waiting almost an hour.

She implores people to try other stores as this one is facing stock shortages. Inside a glamorous young woman in a floor length cream and gold wool dress is deciding between two sizes of the signature Replica Chanel Boy bag. She opts for the bigger one at a cost of 26,000 yuan ($5331). That’s a 27 per cent saving on last week.

Chanel took the plunge this month and become one of the first big luxury brands to standardise prices between Europe and Asia. A weak euro has exacerbated the already sizeable price difference for those markets, while an army of parallel traders is attempting to exploit that difference or worse, selling fakes. The booming trade of these middlemen – so-called “daigou” — is starting to have an impact on the Chanel Outlet UK brand. Meanwhile, a prolonged government austerity and anti-corruption campaign and a slowing economy have dampened demand for luxury goods in China.

So far, watch companies Patek Phillipe and Tag Heuer have also announced price cuts. But Hong Kong based CLSA analyst, Aaron Fischer, who has been covering the China luxury goods market for 15 years, says there will be more. “It’s very unusual for a big brand to cut prices by this much,” he says. “However, luxury sales in Hong Kong have been terrible and generally, sales across Asia have been weak. “In my view, there is no question that other brands have to follow.”

Tina Zhou, the head of Fortune Character Institute, a Chinese luxury research group, agrees that more foreign luxury companies will start cutting prices and already many stores are offering VIP promotions. “The prices that were being paid in China were not reasonable,” she says. “It was a bubble.” In the past, luxury goods in China were priced about 40 per cent higher than in Europe, including local taxes. However, a weak euro saw that differential blow out to 50 per cent in recent months. As a result, many Chinese consumers opt to use a middleman, or if they could afford it, travel to Europe, Hong Kong or even Australia, to buy luxury brands at a cheaper price.

That trend will now by reversed says Ms Ting. “In the future only 20 per cent of big luxury brand spending will happen offshore,” she says. “That’s down from 76 per cent.” The result may be a revival in the onshore Chinese luxury market. Last year luxury replica handbags spending on the mainland fell for the first time by one per cent, to 115 billion yuan ($23.6 billion), according to Bain and Company. That compared to a 2 per cent rise in 2013 and a 7 per cent jump in 2012. However, Bain found Chinese consumers were driving the growth of luxury purchases overseas. Now those offshore markets may be affected if Chinese consumers opt to do more of their purchasing at home.

Hermes sales soar as it leap-frogs Italian rival Gucci to Replica bag lucrative US market

Silk scarves and Birkin bag-maker Hermes Replica has leap-frogged Italian rival Gucci Replica with a 10 per cent jump in revenue for 2014. The slowdown in China and currency volatility has hit many of the large luxury brands but Hermes reported a 9 per cent jump in net profit to £633million, boosted by demand in America. Sales rose 10 per cent to £3billion with American revenue up 15 per cent.


Japanese sales grew 13 per cent and China and the rest of Asia also managed 13 per cent growth which Hermes described as a ‘good performance in a context marked by recent events in Hong Kong and the general slowdown in China’s market’. However, there were some concerns about margins, which slipped to 31.5 per cent of sales from 32.4 per cent a year earlier, because of its hedging against currency movements in Japan.

The group, famous for its bags that sell for thousands and command a celebrity following including Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham, continues to restrict the number of its replica handbags it sells, causing waiting lists. But it has started to increase production with new factories and plans two more workshops which are under construction.

Hermes Says Currencies Will Continue to Drag on Margin

Shoppers exit a Replica Hermes International SCA luxury goods store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

Hermes International SCA, the French maker of Birkin replica handbags, said currency volatility will continue to drag on profitability as it reported a 7 percent increase in 2014 earnings and announced a bonus dividend. Year-ahead hedging rates mean currency shifts will shrink the operating margin by 0.5 percentage points in 2015, Chief Executive Officer Axel Dumas said in Paris Wednesday. The measure narrowed by 0.9 percentage points to 31.5 percent in 2014, hurt by the weakness of the yen against the euro.

The forecast added to concern about the immediate outlook for the Paris-based company, which last month projected currency-adjusted revenue growth of 8 percent this year, below its mid-term annual target for a 10 percent increase. “Our view is that this guidance is very cautious,” said Kepler Cheuvreux analyst Catherine Rolland. “So far, we do not see any reason why organic sales growth would decelerate” from the 11 percent gain achieved in 2014.

Hermes Replica shares fell as much as 2.5 percent in Paris and were down 0.6 percent at 309.35 euros as of 12:17 p.m., paring this year’s gain to 4.9 percent. Responding to last week’s announcement by Chanel that it plans to decrease prices in Asia and raise them in Europe due to currency fluctuations, Dumas said Fake Hermes Bags doesn’t plan to adjust its pricing architecture for now. Increasing the amount the company charges in Europe could hurt domestic demand, he said. Hermes raised prices globally about 4 percent in January.

Gianni Versace SpA said yesterday it will also review its pricing. A weakening euro has widened the gap between the price of items sold in China and Europe to a record, with items such as replica handbags uk costing as much as 70 percent more in the Asian country, according to Exane BNP Paribas. Hermes Outlet is hedged at $1.32 per euro and 1.37 yen per euro in 2015, versus $1.32 and 1.3 yen in 2014, Dumas said.

Operating profit reached 1.3 billion euros ($1.4 billion) last year, Hermes said in a statement, in line with the average of estimates compiled by Bloomberg. The company also proposed an exceptional dividend of 5 euros a share, on top of a regular payment of 2.95 euros. Hermes, which created nearly 700 jobs last year, has weathered slowing luxury growth better than many peers as high prices plus limited supply and distribution help reinforce its elitist appeal. The company is targeting 6 billion euros of revenue by 2020 versus 4.12 billion euros last year, Dumas said.

To contact the reporter on this story: Andrew Roberts in Paris at

You have to know the fashion world 24 fashionable woman


From Kate Moss has now edited the brightest big, supermodel, fashion blogger, Fashion icons of these attitudes revealed in the dress sense, can not be neglected fashion leader.

1 Jamie Bochert

She is very thin, the legendary androgynous mix a little Gothic temperament, you may have seen her movies, but not necessarily familiar with her name, she is definitely a noncommittal unforgettable appearance and style. 2002-2004 often appear in the show, but it was later because the band to concentrate on playing and her boyfriend, quit modeling industry full five years. Later he was as capable as Marc Jacobs mining official comeback, it was said that in fact she still hopes that by modeling career, so that more people pay attention to her music.

2 Ashley Olsen &Mary-Kate Olsen

The famous Olsen sisters, The Row’s boss, the legendary money machine. Grew up on the program began, 16-year-old high worth joining Sony, 18-year-old became president of Dualstar Entertainment Group, and now the sisters closer to $ 400 million fortune. Then begin to develop their career in fashion, founded The Row and Elizabeth & James two brands, but get the best accessories designer CFDA Awards last year. And their own style of dress, simple design sense, petite but really full of temperament, whether business or dress is worth to learn from.

3 Saskia de Brauw

Supermodel from the Netherlands, with angular faces, make it difficult to refuse a woman temperament prince, handsome mess. Alternative temperament let Balenciaga, Givenchy, Chanel and so on top brands all love her, she is not only these brands gentle temperament, more handsome image of endorsement a plus. She is Riccardo Tisci’s muse, who at the same time the Italian and French edition of Vogue Cover elected unanimously. The facts tell us that there are characteristics and how important good use of their characteristics is in fashion circles.

4 Marie-Amelie Sauve

Famous stylist Marie-Amelie Sauve, Nicolas Ghesquiere’s friend and muse, from Balenciaga to today’s Louis Vuitton, her relationship with Nicolas Ghesquiere is simply to recruit people jealous of her more difficult implicit these big influence on how far in the end . Elegant and sophisticated that we need to learn not to blindly follow her, but she is really thin, spindly legs that she simply wear pants and skirts of textbooks.

5 Shala Monroque

She was Miuccia Prada’s muse, creative director “Garage” magazine, is now a popular street beat idol. Also modern retro style, so she became a fashion focus of show off. She makes you learn, color and skin color in the end is how perfectly matched.

6 Camille Bidault – Waddington

From 15 years ago, the development of Marc Jacobs, Vice-line Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hermes and Chloe then later for work, and worked part-time and many magazines, experienced this series let her grasp for consummate style. Now her personal style, with a 1970s retro flavor and some romantic feelings, timeless classic style.

7 Carine Roitfeld

No wonder the fashion circle Carine Roitfeld, the former editor of the French edition of Vogue. 11 years after leaving Vogue, a book, a magazine, making documentaries, doing stylist for major brands, it seems busier than ever. Gucci’s Tom Ford at the helm that year when, Carine Roitfeld is his muse, and then all the blockbusters as Gucci Replica stylist, said that the two together can be transformed into a sexy Gucci lifeless modern new image. Want to know more about her, you can see the “Mademoiselle C” documentary.

8 Phoebe Philo

She is creating so much Celine’s It Bag, for the woman who created a minimalist replica handbag world, so that people in droves. 24-year-old joined Stella McCartney for Chloe was an assistant creative director, Phoebe’s masterpiece is the result of work for three years after taking over the post of creative director Chole, high waist jeans, dresses, etc. These Chloe’s baby. Return home after several years, the annual 2008 LVMH Group announced Celine Phoebe became the new term at the helm, then laid Celine now can not shake the position.

9 Susie Lau

London grew up in Asian fashion bloggers, even do not know what her name also must have seen her in the street shooting. Mashup is her most iconic style, collision of various colors, but no sense of confusion, where she told the camera there. A lot of people just started not give her high marks, but saw a lot of you will find this girl’s mind and with amazing skill. In color and real outfit, look for a balance to see her.

10 Camilla Nickerson

You may not be familiar with this name, because she is the fashion circle behind the scenes, but her style of dress in the circle is full of praise for the man. She is a stylist, but she works in the background of many of the show, as well as articles in Vogue as we know more. Her style is elegant and perfect blend of comfort and detail, there was no affectation messy hair.

11 Noona Smith-Petersen

She was always flat shoes, a black and white appeared in various fashion occasion, she really is unshakable position in Europe. She is the Smith-Petersen, founder and CEO, said to her client list as long as the local phone book. Privately, she only like black and white suits, mostly from Calvin Klein her work in the 1990s, it seems that no one can like her to wear a suit to CK so free and easy. How she is living in a tall, handsome and elegant woman who wear clothing style model.

12 Jenny Shimizu

Asian models in the 1990s, Gao Bugao body, but face style too. She is really too neutral, many androgynous supermodel she is absolutely outstanding. She likes to wear Dandy style three-piece dress, casual feel because of who you can always go up. Her other half is from New York socialite Michelle Harper, as long as the two appear together, will become the focus of the evening.

13 Gaia Repossi

She is the fourth generation heir Repossi, fine jewelry designer Alberto Repossi’s daughter, and he is engaged in jewelry design career. Her elegant and charming her, she has a beautiful face, it was said that she just became Celine, Replica Louis Vuitton, Dior, and so big unofficial spokesperson, she’s wearing a very strong objectivity, Who is not the role of the face of it.

14 Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

It should be said that she is a Youtuber, is a famous fashion editor, is also a well-known photographer and stylist. She was Vogue editor Anna Wintour called the soul behind. Her humor her fashion, she refused to mediocrity, like luxury Eclectic, firmly rejected the non-big single product. Her attitude is much better than her style is more instructive for us, and not everyone can do the big pieces.

15 Ludivine Poiblanc

She ably her charming, she look good in anything, because she was tall and thin. Earlier work in the French edition of Vogue, now settled in New York, is a contributing editor to “Interview” magazine. During the collaboration with Terry Richardson, Craig McDean and many other photographers, Hermes Replica, Fendi, Givenchy and other big shot advertising films. Her dress is a typical French elegance, comfortable and simple, whether it is silk wide leg pants or a shirt, she casual wear clothing with their own flavor to, like Parisian style girl must learn from.

16 Franca Sozzani

Italian Vogue’s editor in chief, but also the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, is she single-handedly brought the Italian “fashion prophetic book” peak height. Her personal style graceful, in the details they can see a lot of casual and romantic feelings, good use of silhouette jacket build momentum both temperament style.

17 Kate Moss

Has been imitated, never surpassed. This is, indeed, is Kate Moss. I believe the circle model, fashion ring Kate Moss could not find the second such legendary figure. She did not Allure beauty, nor supermodel figure in the traditional sense, but born to the sexy and uninhibited, treason and subversion of the traditional decadent, created the world’s only Kate Moss.

18 Virginie Mouzat

Virginie Mouzat work in law version of “Vanity Fair”, golden hair, pale blue eyes and slender body, has a lot of things we admire, but always gives the feeling of a clear sky. Looks sweet, style of dress is very capable.

19 Mary Frey

Chloe Sevigny and laid her experience of her vintage dress, high waist pants, overalls, as well as A-line dress is her popular single product. Maybe she is not the most attractive of that one, but her style for everyday dress is still very valuable reference. By the way, her husband is a famous fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti.

20 Zoe Bedeaux

Zoe Bedeaux from London, is considered one of the best stylists in the world. Obviously style, bold use of color, printing, dress and so on, as a pioneer magazine “iD” and “Apartmento” work. How to wear a big sense of color and prints going with her to learn.

21 Cecilia Dean

Visionaire “and” V “magazine’s founder, but two of the designated person reading fashion magazines. If Anna Wintour is a commercial fashion, that she is the art of fashion. A head of hair is smooth her sign, style of dress does not follow the trend, the most popular of those Givenchy, Balenciaga she avoided, many brands have her clothes do not look out, some are vintage, some are even second and third the small sign.

22 Carla Sozzani

Retail giant, she was regarded as “Europe’s most innovative gallery founder,” because she would “concept store” concept into the 10 Corso Como. She will be all kinds of fashion and culinary arts perfect fusion of style, innovation and leading fashion circles. And she almost exclusively privately wearing black, you can say that the black dress of the head.

23 Sarah Andelman

Legend in the fashion world can do anything they want somebody, creative director of French fashion store Colette. That she opened a store buyers and designers launched the trend of limited cooperation, and Hermes scarf designed in collaboration and cooperation with the Burberry design with Swarovski collar coat and so on. And her own styles, ideas, full of imagination.

24 Farida Khelfa

The flush 1980s French supermodel, is Azzedine Alaia and Jean Paul Gaultier’s muse is Schiaparelli’s ambassador. Today, her identity is an actor and director whose works include the documentary record JPG life experience “The Shattered Codes”, is a pretty talented woman.

Who luxury brands have announced price cuts next price will be too big

Lead: “only rise,” the price of the luxury brand Chanel, LVMH’s TAG Heuer also fast to keep up with the pace. HSBC released a report that in the next 12-18 months, the European luxury brands will continue to price earthquake. Luxury brands have announced price cut, who will be the next big price cuts is it?

Senior watch market downturn

Watch maker TAG Heuer plan while prices in China, Switzerland and the United States

By corruption and weak Chinese Hong Kong market impact, famous watchmaker Tag Heuer company said at the end of 2014 the brand has been “cleansing” several executives, and plans to cut prices at the same time in China, Switzerland and the United States, including Hong Kong, down 13 %, down 8 percent in mainland China.

The past two years, Chinese high-end watch market rapidly shrinking. Imports of domestic high-end watches reached its peak in 2011 and 2012 for two years, but in 2013 the situation began to turn down. 2013, Chinese imports of high-end watches plunged 89 percent, only $ 653 million, down to the level of nine years ago. High-end watch imports also fell by 88%, the annual China imported only about 100,000 high-end watches.

TAG Heuer is not the first one to take the price of high-end watch brand strategy. As early as January 2014, the same LVHM Group Hublot price by 15% to achieve the Mainland, Hong Kong directly with the price. In February 2015, another Swiss brand Patek Philippe announced in Hong Kong, China slashed prices, and the maximum decrease of 22%. Downturn senior watch market performance, or will lead to more advanced watch clear inventory, sales and even follow the full price discount.

After Gucci price so that more consumers are avoiding the outside

Under the industry as a whole backwards, Gucci also could not carry. Gucci is still weak fourth quarter of 2014, revenue declined for two consecutive years. Kering (Kering) full-year profit fell 4.4%.

After Gucci price so that more consumers are avoiding the outside

Swiss luxury goods speculative funds, the official said, some brands already saturated and produces fatigue in the Asian market. Since 2012, due to the slow recovery of the global economy, China’s economic slowdown and government corruption caused by a sharp slowdown in growth in the luxury market, and recent Ukraine, the Middle East geopolitical crisis and Hong Kong’s “account” Movement is to make the luxury market worsened.

Analysts and investors Gucci Gucci lack of innovation, accessories style too much, too average price quickly veiled criticisms. They also said “Gucci’s sales and profit depends largely on low-priced products, the luxury market may choose now too big, expensive products only attract a small number of consumers, but get rid of it is more consumers.” Over the past 4-5 years, Gucci total price by more than 40%, which also makes a lot of consumers are avoided door. Gucci wants to increase sales may have to rely on lower-priced products.

Prada surrender after listing the worst report card

Prada Group posted fiscal 2014 financial report, profit compared with last year, down 27.6%, Prada surrender after listing the worst report card. Sales declined mainly due to US and European markets due to the implementation of the retail strategy, but the growth in the number of consumers in Asia Pacific China recorded an increase, but sales growth in Japan, the Americas and the Middle East sales failed to offset declines in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Prada surrender after listing the worst report card

In autumn and winter 2014 Gucci and Prada have increased the sales of small handbags, small handbags than about 20% of the price difference, the larger the size of styles of handbags, there are about 50% of the price difference. For example, a small section Swing Leather Tote Bag Gucci official website priced at $ 1,100, $ 1,350 for medium-sized. However, even a small section of Gucci Swing Leather Tote Bag the price is almost three times the same section of the Michael Kors dual-use package! And Michael Kors bag which is oversized! One can imagine that most consumers will be in the hands of the wallet which brand stretch.

Industry sources said that in the retail environment increasingly difficult, more competitive luxury market. Replica Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Hermes and other traditional brands of price increases to zero, that is a luxury prices have bottomed out, through price increases to insurance sales good times end, luxury brands have cut prices down to attract more consumers to boost sales.

Chanel Replica cuts prices in Asia to combat grey market

Customers line up as they wait to go inside a Chanel shop at a shopping mall in Shanghai ...Customers line up as they wait to go inside a Chanel shop at a shopping mall in Shanghai March 19, 2015. Global luxury brands expanding in China are better off targeting the HENRYs - "high earners, not rich yet" - instead of the ultra-wealthy, as a slowing economy and a government that frowns on official excesses usher in an era of less showy spending. REUTERS/Aly Song

High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. China’s luxury malls on weekday afternoons are usually long on bling and short on shoppers. But at the Chanel replica store at Shanghai’s ultra-glitzy IFC mall, dozens of people queued on Friday for a rare opportunity to buy luxury items barely more expensive than they would be in Paris.

“I want to buy a handbag today,” said Heidi He, who made a special journey across Shanghai’s Huangpu river to visit the mall. “I don’t think there’s a big price gap between China and overseas now.” High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail.

She and dozens like her flocked to the store after Paris-based Chanel Outlet became the latest big-name luxury brand to announce it was slashing prices in Asia to combat a grey market that has exploded, thanks in large part to the recent fall in the euro. For years, Chinese middlemen, or daigou agents, have ferried items from Hong Kong and even Europe back to shoppers only too keen to avoid the mark-ups that luxury brands often place on their “sold in China” products — as well as the hefty taxes on luxury goods in Mainland China.

The euro’s weakness against the renminbi has stretched traditional price differentials between Europe and China even further. According to Luca Solca of Exane BNP Paribas, luxury fashion and leather products are about 60 per cent pricier in Mainland China than in the eurozone. The increasing gap — it was about 40 per cent only last September — has fuelled a trade that many brands, including the privately owned Replicaa Chanel, say damages their image, confuses shoppers and encourages fakes.

Meanwhile, the internet has made it both harder for luxury brands to hide the higher prices in China and easier for Chinese consumers to find third-party fashion designer replica handbags sellers online. High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail.

Chanel said it would standardise prices on three of its best-known handbags, the 11.12, the 2.55 and the Boy bag. “This decision will enable us to offer our products to all our clients at a harmonised price wherever they are in the world,” it said. It added that the strategy, which included a 20 per cent price increase on its bags in Europe, would help it to combat “parallel resell markets that are facilitated by price differences and hurt the business”.

Before the price changes, a Chanel Boy replica bag bought in China would cost Rmb35,600 ($5,740). After the change, the same bag costs Rmb26,000 — a reduction of 27 per cent. Bought in Europe, the same would have cost a Chinese person Rmb20,500. After the price increase in Europe, it is going to cost Rmb24,600. High quality global journalism requires investment.

Chanel’s move came after Patek Philippe, the Swiss watchmaker, cut prices by as much as 14 per cent in China. TAG Heuer, which belongs to the Paris-based LVMH luxury conglomerate, this week said it planned to freeze prices in some markets and lower them in others, including in China. High quality global journalism requires investment.

One opportunity for brands that cut prices is gaining market share — even if they see the exchange-rate bonus disappear. The line of shoppers waiting anxiously outside Chanel’s Shanghai store on Friday contrasted sharply with the sleepy trade at the adjacent Fake Gucci, Cartier and Bulgari replica stores. But Mr Solca of Exane BNP Paribas said wider price-cutting could prove damaging. “The key point to retain — and a potential risk to the sector — is that more brands deciding to follow this price-cut trend would trigger a snowball effect.”

Mary Kate Ashley Olsen make humble appearances effortlessly chic layered looks nominated CFDA Fashion Award

They’ve previously been honoured with two CFDA Fashion Awards, so Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are no strangers to the prestigious ceremony. But on Monday, the twin moguls opted to maintain humble appearances as they attended the 2015 CFDA Fashion Replica Handbags UK Awards Announcement Party at The Weather Room at the Top of the Rock in New York City. The 28-year-old actresses-turned-fashion designers put their natural beauty on display by arriving fresh-faced while sporting effortlessly chic layered looks and matching black suede boots.

Modest moguls: Mary-Kate, left, and Ashley Olsen, right, opted to make humble appearances as they attended the 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards Announcement Party at The Weather Room at the Top of the Rock in New York City on Monday
Modest moguls: Mary-Kate, left, and Ashley Olsen, right, opted to make humble appearances as they attended the 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards Announcement Party at The Weather Room at the Top of the Rock in New York City on Monday

Ashley hid her petite frame in an all-black ensemble which included a long menswear-inspired jacket and skinny trousers. Mary-Kate also chose a black uniform as the foundation for her outfit but bundled up with an oversized white scarf and grey ankle-length coat. The former Full House stars coordinated their looks with black leather Gucci Replica Handbags while wearing their tresses parted in the middle and flowing down in natural waves.

Signature pose: MK and Ashley showed off their pouty faces while striking a pose with Betsey Johnson (in red)
Signature pose: MK and Ashley showed off their pouty faces while striking a pose with Betsey Johnson (in red)

The trendsetting twins have been nominated again for the CFDA Fashion Award for Womenswear Designer Of The Year and Accessories Designer Replica Handbags Of The Year for their collection, The Row. During New York Fashion Week last month, the Olsens said of their collection: ‘This season The Row takes us to a world of pure, soft and delicate lightness,’ the Olsens said in their notes. Inspired by the 18th century scrolls of Ito Jakuchu, depicting the Japanese traditions of bird-and-flower paintings, the new collection celebrates a spirit of subtle colors and exquisite layering.

Colours: DVF sported a patterned blue dress, as Betsey made a splash in scarlet
Colours: DVF sported a patterned blue dress, as Betsey made a splash in scarlet

Diane Von Furstenburg and Nadja Swarovski hosted the nominee event, which also saw guests such as Betsey Johnson in attendance. But winners won’t officially be announced until June 1, during the ceremony held at Alice Tully Hall. MK and Ashley’s high-end collection of easy elegance, The Row, was founded in New York City in 2006. In 2012, the twin tycoons won the CFDA Award for Womenswear Designer Of The Year, and in 2014, the pair took home the honour for Accessories Louis Vuitton Replica UK Designer Of The Year. The annual CFDA Fashion Awards recognise the outstanding contributions made to American fashion by individuals from all areas of the industry and related arts.

Feeling the blues: Markus Lampe, left, and Steven Kolb, right, also arrived in blue attire
Feeling the blues: Markus Lampe, left, and Steven Kolb, right, also arrived in blue attire

Fines for cheap fake goods a small price to pay for China

Tmall is one of many sites that sell cheap fakes. Photo: Bloomberg

Many consumers seem happy to buy fake, often substandard goods on the mainland, such as copies of designer-label replica handbags, even though they know they are illegal. Why buy a real Hermes handbag when you can get a fake one online at just 10 per cent the price of a real one? Internet shopping is booming throughout the country, with Tmall, the business-to-customer platform of e-commerce giant Alibaba, reporting sales of more than 2 trillion yuan (HK$2.5 trillion) in goods last year, according to a recent consumer rights report.

Yet this boom has also led to a rise in unhappy customers. Authorities in Hangzhou, where Alibaba is headquartered, received more than 22,000 complaints about products or services bought online last year, according to the report issued by municipal market supervision and consumer rights protection authorities. This was a 65 per cent increase in the number of complaints it received in 2013.

But the level of complaints still appears disproportionately low, considering that China’s central commercial watchdogs reported late last year that 60 per cent of the goods sold by Taobao, Alibaba’s flagship customer-to-customer shopping website, were fake. Tian Lipu , former head of the State Intellectual Property Office, last week said on the sidelines of the annual parliamentary session in Beijing that mainlanders’ poor awareness of intellectual property rights was the main reason fake or substandard goods were still rampant throughout the country.

“Because mainland consumers feel satisfied with the goods, they will continue to buy them, even though they know that what they are buying is a fake,” Tian said. “It has led to the common phenomenon that both buyers and sellers are happy with the situation even though the interests of the IP rights owner – who usually has no say in the matter – are being harmed.” Shanghai-based accountant Ye Xiao, who frequently shops online, shared her views about why she and her friends enjoyed buying fakes goods on popular Chinese social media platform WeChat.

“Any person with a normal IQ would know that it’s impossible to buy a Louis Vuitton Replica or Gucci replica bag at an 80 or 90 per cent discount,” Ye wrote. “And the sellers know this, too, and take advantage of it.” Ye said she started online shopping in 2010 after Tmall launched its annual “double 11″ shopping festival on November 11, 2009. She bought a pair of shoes for half the price of a similar pair she had seen on sale at a brick-and-mortar shoe shop. Although they felt very different on her feet than the pair she had tried in the shop, she said the quality of the shoes bought online turned out to be good.

“Now we choose to buy cheap things online, and are prepared to get fake items. When we get rich, we can shop in franchised stores,” she said. The government has been sluggish in responding to the problem by introducing legislation. The mainland’s first government regulations covering online transactions were issued only on Wednesday – but only by the Hangzhou municipal government. This means that the rules will cover only the municipality, which lies within Zhejiang province in eastern China.

The municipal government’s Interim Measures for Administration of Online Transactions, which take effect in May, state that online shop owners will face a fine of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan for giving false information about their products or services, along with penalties for other dishonest ways that traders often use to entice customers.

But with online shopping continuing to boom and big profits there to be made by internet traders, will crime continue to pay? It certainly seems highly unlikely that traders will start changing their ways in the face of such small fines.

Victim identifies woman who robbed him in Bal Harbour

Police have identified a woman accused of robbing a man of his Replica Rolex and Gucci shoes in Bal Harbour. According to police, Alexandria Layce Martinez-Davis, 24, went to the victim’s apartment building at about 2 a.m. on Sept. 13.

The victim told police that he noticed his Rolex replica watch, Gucci fake shoes and $2,000 in cash were missing after Martinez-Davis left. Surveillance video from the building showed a woman walking into an elevator wearing his shoes. Police said the victim was able to positively identify the woman in a photo line-up. Records show Martinez-Davis was arrested in Miami Beach for a similar incident.

According to an arrest report from November, Martinez-Davis stole two Rolex replica watches from another man after returning to his home from the nightclub LIV. The replica watches stolen in that case were estimated to be valued together at $38,000.

“She tries to identify them by their clothing – the jewelry that he’s wearing and then she’ll engage them in conversation and then they’ll end up back at his residence somehow,” said Capt. Miguel De la Rosa of Bal Harbour Police. “And then at one point during the evening she goes ahead and rounds up the loot she’s been eyeballing and then she’ll go away undetected.”

De La Rosa said authorities have contacted the woman’s attorney but said Martinez-Davis has not surrendered herself.