Buying luxury at a bargain


Market for pre-owned luxury items growing in the UAE, says founder of The Luxury Closet. Shoppers in the UAE are no strangers to spending thousands of dirhams on luxury products, but some are now willing to buy second-hand, if it means snagging their favourite designer replica handbags. There is a growing market for pre-owned luxury items in the UAE, according to Kunal Kapoor, founder of The Luxury Closet and former head of sales at French fashion house, Replica Louis Vuitton.

Launched in 2012, the website buys, sells and consigns pre-owned luxury items, from replica handbags to accessories to shoes, with prices up to 40 per cent (on average) less than the original. A slew of brands are available to choose from, including Replica Chanel, Dior, Cartier and Burberry Replica Handbags. The idea to launch the website presented itself when Kapoor was chatting with friends about starting a business.

“If you can do this [sell used items] for cars, why not do this for fashion replica handbags? I looked into it and found out that it was comparable. In the UAE, I heard about people having house parties to sell handbags. There was a model that was there; we just had to adapt it,” he said. The discounts differ from one brand to another, reaching more than 70 per cent for some.

“With brands that discount at their own stores, like Dolce and Gabbana and Armani, the discounting goes up to 78 per cent,” he said. Some products, however, sell for more than those in retail stores. “With brands like Hermes, the price is on average more than the store price. We sell the Hermes Replica Birkin, and if you go to a store you will normally be told that there is a waiting list and you can’t get the replica bag. However, there are people that actually have these handbags and they want to sell it. In a case like this, the item sells for more than the value of what you get from the store,” he explained. Demand for luxury items in the UAE is strong, driven by “a strong affinity to luxury” and high spending power, he said.

The UAE is the company’s top market in terms of volume of shipments, accounting for 60 per cent of sales, followed by the US and Saudi Arabia. Kapoor declined to say how much he expects total sales to grow this year. “I think the UAE is a big market [for luxury products]. The UAE accounts for 30 per cent of the [luxury ]market of the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council]. There is a lot of local demand and from tourists as well,” he said. “The Middle East has the highest per capita spend on luxury in the world — $1,500 per capita on average,” he added.

Last year, the company received 60,000 items for sale, he said, but declined to say how much of those were sold. “Within a 12-month period, we expect to reach 1,000 order mark a month,” he said, without disclosing how many monthly orders the company currently receives. The website has grown from having a few thousand visitors per month to around 500,000 today. Handbags are the retailer’s biggest-selling items.

Asked about how the company ensures that the products are authentic, Kapoor said: “Every category is managed by an expert. We know what the item looks like.” Lack of trust was one of the issues faced by the firm when it launched. “I think the early challenges were getting people to trust the website. I think being a new player, people want to check you,” he said.

Revenge of the replica Anti-It bag

The ‘Anti-It’ replica bag is plenty chic, but unassuming enough to play a supporting role.

“It’s a baguette!” Thus spoke Carrie Bradshaw with a mix of matter-of-factness and incredulity in Sex and the City when a gun-wielding mugger demanded she hand over her purple sequined Fendi replica handbag. When the episode first aired in October 2000, as the era of the “It bag” was arcing into full swing, when it seemed perfectly normal to have a much-coveted, known-by-style-name replica handbag serve as a plot point in a popular TV show. After the 1997 introduction of Fendi’s loaf-inspired bags would come Dior’s bean-shaped Saddle Bag (1999), Balenciaga’s studded City Bag (2000), Louis Vuitton’s colourful Murakami Speedy (2002) and Chloe’s slouchy, gold lock-adorned Paddington (2004).

For a time, these unreasonably revered bags were fashion’s most covetable status symbols, inspiring shoppers all over the world to add their names to months-long waiting lists. Since then, the fake handbag game — from what designers are producing to what women are craving — has changed considerably. Disagreement about whether the “It bag” itself is alive or dead, however, still thrives. While The Wall Street Journal proclaimed “It” moribund in 2008, last month, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically, resurrected the term. What’s clear, however, is that the “It bag” in its early oughties form — carefully branded in design, and supported by major ad campaigns and celebrity placements — is undeniably behind us.


“It’s much more about individual taste now than ‘It bag’ taste,” says Li Edelkoort, the Paris-based trend forecaster who recently published a manifesto entitled “Anti_Fashion”, critiquing the present state of the industry. “Arguably the new ‘It bag’ is the backpack, but it’s not an ‘It bag’ (in the traditional sense) because it doesn’t come from one brand.” The replica handbag market has seemingly become more about “I” than “It”. One reason for that, contends Claire Distenfeld, 28, founder of New York boutique Fivestory, is the democratisation of the fashion media. No longer do a few magazines royally dictate the look of the day. Now women get ideas from street style images, personal blogs, curated shopping sites and Instagram. “I think it’s led people to be more confident,” she says. “They don’t feel the need to be a walking advertisement.”

There’s also, quite simply, more choice than ever — smart replica bags from luxury stalwarts such as Saint Laurent, Valentino, Chloe and Gucci Replica as well as relative newcomers such as Proenza Schouler. New York designer Thakoon Panichgul launched bags this spring, while Joseph Altuzarra is introducing them in autumn. As Luca Solca, managing director and sector head of global luxury goods at Exane BNP Paribas, quips, “Everyone and their dog is coming into the replica handbag market.” The best are a different breed than the Its of yore. You won’t find even the Row’s five-figure croc backpack getting a shout-out on US sitcom Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Most important, these bags’ designs don’t traffic in visually noisy gimmicks, giving them a shelf-life that lasts longer than a couple of trend cycles. Call them the “Anti-Its”.

“In reaction to the ‘It bag,’ the trend has moved toward greater subtlety and variety,” says Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She points out that logos and excessive hardware are now considered gauche, citing a mentality that has shaped the industry in the past few years. “Nobody elegant will ever want to show a logo,” says Jean Touitou, the outspoken owner of French label APC. “To display one’s wealth, it’s the epitome of vulgarity.”

Bags that pass muster with Touitou include, not surprisingly, his own leather totes and replica shoulder bags, all under $900, and those of Mansur Gavriel, a relatively new New York-based label that caused a modest, post-“It” sensation with its well-priced bucket bags. Then there are the simple but sumptuous designs of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s label, the Row, and the under-the-radar luxury of French labels such as Moynat and Myriam Schaefer, launched by the woman who helped design Balenciaga’s tres “It” City Bag.

Even Jonathan Anderson’s creative new bags for Spanish leather label Loewe have a finely honed sense of the understated. Perhaps the leader of the “Anti-It” brigade is Celine, whose designer Phoebe Philo debuted her first luxuriously anonymous — save for a tiny gold “Celine Paris” stamp — designs in 2009. “What Phoebe Philo did is unparalleled (in transforming) what people desire,” says Justin O’Shea, buying director for e-commerce site MyTheresa, who is in Sydney this week for Australian Fashion Week. “I don’t know if it destroyed the ‘It bag’, but at the same time she opened up this new (aesthetic).”

In fact, Mansur Gavriel co-founders Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel say they were trying to create an accessible version of Celine’s popular simple tote bag. “We wanted to carry something that felt rich but wasn’t necessarily this statement of class,” says Mansur. The duo found that sticking to a minimal design was not only visually pleasing, but allowed for a more affordable price, from $450 to $1200. The fake handbag is being rethought in various corners of the industry. This month, ex-fashion publicist Mesh Chhibber and visual artist Sofie Cornillon launch Peau de Chagrin, a label that focuses on very high-quality construction and longevity. It offers a one-time run of 100 bags in a single style and colour that’s available for pre-order via its website. The boxy, vegetable-dyed leather day bags, all made by one Swiss artisan, sell for just under $5000.

This season, Ben Gorham, owner of Swedish fragrance brand Byredo, launched bags with a similar view to lasting appeal: nine logo-free styles made from earth-toned French calfskin and suede, to be made in limited quantities to control distribution. “The negative connotation of an ‘It bag’ is that it symbolises a moment,” says Gorham. “That’s counter to what we’re trying to do, which is to create something timeless.”

Chantelle Houghton says she’s chuffed she’s been compared to Kim Kardashian


The former Big Brother star was channeling the reality queen’s style when she stepped out earlier this month. Chantelle Houghton says she’s over the moon to be compared to Kim Kardashian. And we don’t blame her – we’d be chuffed if we were compared to the fake chanel handbags reality star, too. During the Easter holidays mum-of-one Chantelle, 31, was snapped going to her mum’s house looking super-glam and chic in an all-black outfit, which she teamed with huge sunnies and a classic red quilted Chanel replica bag.

Mirror Celebs said she looked like she was bringing a touch of Kim Kardashian style Hollywood glam to Blighty. Speaking about the comparison, Chantelle said she loves designer replica handbags the Kardashians. “As you know, I love the Kardashians, so I was chuffed! My brother’s girlfriend recently bough me a candle from their store Dash in New York and I screamed with delight when I saw the packaging!” she said in her column for new! magazine.

She continued: “I’m making more of an effort with my appearance and that day I was wearing a three-quarter hairpiece from my own range.” We’re loving the new look, Chantelle!

Fashion is in focus this week

Fashion is in focus this week as retailers covering everything from the high street to high end report. Burberry Replica has a trading statement on Wednesday with rumours swirling that the luxury group could be a target for either private equity or Replica Louis Vuitton and Dior owner LVMH. Analysts are expecting strong numbers from the trenchcoat maker, with RBC Capital Markets pencilling in a 9 per cent rise in second-half revenue thanks to online success and a euro boost.

At the other end of the fashion spectrum JD Sports also has annual results midweek, while Thursday sees half-year figures from Mothercare and the department stores chain Debenhams. Numis expects continued troubles for Debenhams, forecasting flat sales in the second half and continued pressure on margins. But Andrew Wade at the broker says he is “encouraged that management are now addressing some of the difficult challenges facing the business”.

It’s a quiet day in the corporate calendar today, with just a trading statement from the animal feed supplier Carr’s. Tomorrow brings full-year numbers from the biotech firm Horizon Discovery and Manx Telecom. The asset manager Ashmore has a trading update, as do the Replica Handbags recruiter Michael Page and retailer Poundland. After historic zero per cent inflation in February, tomorrow’s CPI figure is forecast to show a mild strengthening to 0.1 per cent in March, according to Investec’s economics team.

The broker Walker Greenbank has annual results on Wednesday, while the software firm Tracsis has half-year figures. Oil services group Hunting has a trading statement the same day, along with Jupiter Fund Management. Panmure Gordon warns that inflows to Jupiter’s funds could have fallen 50 per cent in the first quarter, but says it will likely get a boost this year from the unlocking of pension cash. Full-year figures will be released by the building products group Epwin on Thursday, while Diageo, Ferrexpo, Hargreaves Lansdown, Persimmon, Unilever and WH Smith all have interim statements. In economic news on Friday unemployment and average earning figures are due.

Do these men hold the key to this beautiful blonde’s disappearance?

Agnese, right, was pictured leaving the nightclub with Wesley Capper, far left, and Craig Porter, fa

Michael Millis is living life in emotional limbo as he campaigns for the truth to come out about the fate of his beautiful blonde girlfriend who went missing in Marbella last September. The London-based club entrepreneur had been dating Latvian receptionist Agnese Klavina, 30, for about a year when she disappeared after moving to the Costa del Sol in May last year, seduced by the prospect of spending a summer in the sun.

She and Michael, 39, spoke most days on the phone and so when he didn’t hear from her for a few days at the beginning of last September he grew increasingly concerned. “I called friends of hers in Spain who went to the flat she was staying at and saw her car outside but didn’t get an answer when they knocked on the door,” he recalls. “I called the police to try to file a missing persons’ report but they said I had to come to Spain.” Michael duly flew out on September 11 and, together with Agnese’s mother, sister and friends, began what has turned out to be a long and drawn-out campaign to highlight her disappearance and appeal for help.

“We went to the police station to report her missing, put up posters that I’d organised in London and had friends of hers in Marbella print off, and retraced her lastknown steps so we could talk to people who might have seen her that night. “Her mum and sister were obviously very worried then and they’re totally distraught and heartbroken now knowing as they do that something terrible may have happened to Agnese. It’s a very difficult time for them. They’re a very close-knit family.” Their efforts have so far come to nothing but a police investigation resulted in two British expats appearing in court last Monday. Both refused to answer any of the judge’s questions, however, pleading their legal right to remain silent. So what do we know of the details of a case that has gripped the coast dubbed the Costa del Crime? On the evening of Friday September 6 last year Agnese donned a multicoloured halter-neck dress, picked up her favourite large white Louis Vuitton replica handbags and headed out for a night on the town.

SHE and her friends ended up at a nightclub called Aqwa Mist, one of four Marbella venues owned by the restaurant group La Sala, whose shareholders include ex-footballers David Bentley and Dean Austin. A well-known haunt of Marbella’s demi-monde, it would have been packed with locals and minor celebrities. Agnese got talking to a woman she met there and so stayed on when her friends left – a decision that was to prove her downfall. For reasons that remain obscure she finally left with two British men subsequently identified as Westley Capper, 37, and Craig Porter, 33. While Capper admits to driving her away in his Mercedes, he claims that he and Porter dropped her off at an apartment where she was staying. From that day to this there has been no sign of her.

“I know from visiting Puerto Banus that beneath the glitz and glamour there’s a dark underbelly populated by all sorts of shady characters,” said Millis last November. “I very much doubt Agnese would have gone off with two men she had just met in a club voluntarily. I’m praying everything’s going to turn out okay and the next phone call I get will be good news.” So what do we know of the mysterious duo who left with Agnese that fateful night? Capper, with his shaven head, beer belly and double chin, looks like a poster boy for white van man but it turns out that he is the privately-educated son of a wealthy businessman called John Capper, who made his fortune in property development.

As one acquaintance puts it: “Westley might not look like a multi-millionaire’s son but he’s never wanted for anything.” Capper senior has modernised and sold luxury villas in estates such as La Zagaleta near Marbella, a high-security gated community which is home to some of the world’s wealthiest people, and his boy’s toys included a Cessna 560 Citation Encore private jet and a motor yacht. In short, he is a man with the resources to marshal considerable legal firepower in his son’s defence. Porter, 33, meanwhile, is originally from Liverpool and claims to have been asleep in the back of the car when his friend dropped off Agnese. It is not known how he ended up in Puerto Banus but he landed on his feet when he linked up with Capper and now works in security for his friend’s father.

Both men have denied any role in Agnese’s disappearance and neither has yet been formally charged as is normal in Spain in the early stages of an investigation. Following the recovery of CCTV footage a criminal psychologist who had viewed images of Agnese’s departure from Aqwa Mist concluded that her facial expressions showed that she was not leaving the club voluntarily. Meanwhile, a sweep of the boot of Capper’s Mercedes retrieved a blonde hair. Initial tests failed to identify it as belonging to Agnese but further more sophisticated tests are expected.

Then, last month, the police seized a yacht belonging to John Capper and took DNA samples that have been sent to hi-tech labs in Madrid for analysis. When the pair were questioned by a judge in a Marbella court last Monday they both asserted their constitutional right to silence. A source close to the case said: “The judge has indicated he will order fresh DNA tests which may involve the use of Agnese’s mum’s DNA. He had important questions to ask the men and obviously would have preferred it if they had agreed to co-operate.”

But a report on the Spanish English-language news website Olive Press said that the court was not only shown pictures taken outside Aqwa Mist on the night in question but others showing the following night “three unidenti-fied men taking a large and heavy replica bag on to a boat”. Reacting to Monday’s court appearances, a spokesman for the Find Agnese Klavina campaign said in a Facebook post: “After seven months of waiting the secrecy of the case has finally been lifted by the Spanish authorities.

“We have had yesterday the spectacle of two of the men being ‘interrogated’ at court by the judge. Westley Capper and Craig Porter were repeatedly asked to answer questions relating to the case. They refused, citing their constitutional right to remain silent. “Our Agnese has never been seen since she disappeared seven months ago. How can we still not have charges? We want justice for Agnese and all the other unfortunate missing people in Marbella. “If any one has any information about what happened that night please let the police know.”

Mulberry’s improved retail sales brings profit to replica handbag maker

The luxury group said improved retail sales and “careful cost control” meant profit would be slightly ahead of market expectations.

Mulberry’s move away from an ill-fated upmarket push is paying off, with the replica handbag maker nudging up profit hopes. The luxury group said improved retail sales and “careful cost control” meant profit for the year to 31 March would be slightly ahead of market expectations.

The update comes almost a year after Bruno Guillon, the embattled chief executive, left the company. Mulberry has been losing sales and had to issue profit warnings after Mr Guillon’s attempt to take it further upmarket sent prices soaring and alienated some Replica Handbags UK customers.

It said yesterday that retail revenue for the year is expected to come in 1 per cent higher on the previous year and overall group revenue will be in line with expectations of £148m – down on the previous year’s £163m. Retail sales were boosted by its spring and summer 2015 collection – with more products in the £500 to £800 bracket.

Last month, the company announced that Mr Guillon would be replaced by fashion veteran Thierry Andretta, who has held senior roles at Gucci Replica and the French luxury goods giant LVMH. The new creative director Johnny Coca joins in July from the LVMH-owned brand Fake Celine. Mr Coca replaces Emma Hill, who is credited with turning Mulberry into a global brand but who left in 2013.

Trunk shows cover replica handbags and more


Upcoming trunk shows run the gamut of fashion interests – from designer handbags for women and new shirt styles for men to looks that will help those in your wedding party. Dovecote in Pittsboro’s Fearrington Village has grown. The boutique added an additional 700 square feet to its space last month, and debuted a renovated look for the store. To celebrate, the shop resumes its spring trunk show series, this weekend featuring replica handbags from Joanna Maxham on Saturday and Sunday. For more info, call 919-542-1145.

Kannon’s Clothing in Raleigh’s Cameron Village will have new men’s shirt styles from Gitman Bros. available for a trunk show Friday and Saturday. During the event, shoppers will receive 20 percent off all in-stock shirts and orders of two or more made-to-measure shirts. For details, call 919-366-6902. Tre Bella Bridal in Durham will have dresses for mothers of the bride by Siri in store for a trunk show on April 11-12. To schedule an appointment, call 919-323-7167.

Prep for prom

Prom’s the word at Belk in Crabtree Valley Mall this Saturday during their Saturday Scene event, from 1 to 4 p.m. Shoppers can nosh on complementary refreshments, hear music from a live DJ and check out the latest prom fashions. There will be a free gift with purchase of prom shoes during the event. Call 919-782-7010 for more information.

Peachy in Paris fashion show

Peachy Keen boutique brings a little France to Cary for their Peachy in Paris fashion show, April 16 at 6 p.m. While checking out the latest spring and summer looks on the runway, attendees can enjoy French nibbles from La Farm Bakery, Saint Jacques French Cuisine and others, along with Champagne. Giveaways during the event include louis vuitton replica bags, gucci fake bags and more. Tickets are $15-$30 and include louis vuitton replica bags and chanel tote bags. Tickets can be purchased at the store, online at or by calling 919-678-0092.


Fellas get a little help in the wardrobe department during “The New Man Code: Navigating Today’s Rules on Men’s Style” workshop on April 16 at 7 p.m. in Raleigh. Local stylists Kate Leser and Lisa Weistart will address topics such as as how to wear today’s collar styles and which colors and fabrics work best for each individual. The workshop takes place at the office of Linda Craft and Team Realtors at 7300 Six Forks Road. Admission is free, but RSVP is required. To secure a spot, call 919-624-2294 or email

Your guide to buying sunglasses for summer 2015


The sun is officially out to play and as it gets closer to summer it is more important to protect your eyes from the sun. Sunglasses can be as cheap or expensive as you like but do they all give you the protection that you need?

The Gloucestershire Echo is here to give you the facts on what you need to know before you buy that all important pair of glasses. In Britain our summers are very hit and miss, so many Britons do not want to splash the cash on a pair of expensive glasses for only a few sunny days.

Cheaper glasses are available from fashion shops such as H&M, River Island and New Look and range from £3 to £20. But these glasses are not guaranteed to protect your eyes from the sun. It is easy to assume that if glasses have a dark tint they will protect your eyes. However, this is not always case, especially with the cheaper fashion glasses.

Glasses are graded on a scale of one to four, with four having the strongest protection against the sun. Our eyes are 10 times more sensitive to the sun than our skin so it is important to protect them against the UV rays. Expensive brands can offer up to 100 per cent protection from UV rays, whereas the cheaper brands will offer much less and will allow the UV rays to still come through the lenses.

There are several opticians in Cheltenham offering 100 per cent UV protection glasses. David Clulow Opticians, on the High Street, offers a range of designer cheap oakley sunglasses for men and women. These include Oakley, Gucci, Ray-Ban just to name a few. Prices range from £75 to £378.

Sunglass Hut, in the Regent Arcade, also offer a selection of designer glasses that range from £55 – to £896. A cheaper alternative is Boots. Boots offer a variety of oakley sunglasses outlet uk that offer 100 per cent protection from the sun, that start at £10 and go up £75.

Price is not the only factor to consider when purchasing glasses. There is also the option of polarised lenses to consider. Polarised lenses offer added protection again sun glare on roads and reflective surfaces. Polarised glasses are more expensive, particularly if they are a brand such as Ray-Ban, Prada or Persol. Wholesale Sunglasses are essential for protecting our eyes and need to have a decent grading and UV protection to be able to block the sun’s rays.

Here are the top designer glasses you can buy for the coming summer months at a lower price:

1) Oakley Frogskin £100 @ David Clulow

2) Vogue Eyewear from £65 @ Sunglass Hut

3) French Connection glasses £39 @ Boots

4) Ray-Ban Aviators from £130 @ House of Fraser

5) Prada Handbag Logo glasses from £180 @ David Clulow

6) Gucci glasses from £170 @ House of Fraser

7) Ted Baker glasses from £60 @ Boots

Here are the top designer polarised glasses available:

1) Black polarised glasses with diamante detail £33 @ Boots

2) Ray-Ban Aviator polarised glasses £188 @ David Clulow

3) Oakley black polarised glasses £135 @ Sunglass Hut

4) Maui Jim polarised glasses £220 @Sunglass Hut

5) D&G Lace glasses £204 @ David Clulow

Kristen Stewart stars in new Chanel Replica eyewear campaign


Kristen Stewart has once again gone behind the lens to front a Chanel Replica campaign, this time for the spring/summer 2015 eyewear collection. The American actress has numerous campaigns for the legendary fashion house under her belt including the face of the Metiers d’art Paris-Dallas 2013/14 collection and more recently as the face of the 11.12 handbag.

Stewart has left her Bella Swan roots far behind in this most recent endeavour which sees her play the role of a photographer modelling the Fake Chanel Bags house’s eyewear and opticals. Styled with her now signature cropped locks and with a rock-chick edge the 24 year old Twilight star is captured by the multi-talented house creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

As for the glasses which were first presented during the spring/summer show in Paris last year – they are modelled on the pilot style popular in the 70s with the addition of Chanel Replica Handbags signatures like chains, pearls and a tweed effect.

Why You Won’t See This Chanel Bagel Replica Bag On The Runway

While most of us will have to wait five more days for our next indulgent brunch, a carb-loaded feast for the eyes is much closer than that. Chloe Wise, the artist whose Chanel bagel replica bag caught our attention last fall, has been on a roll (yeah, we went there) with her bread-meets-handbag art pieces and has shared more of her work with us in the slides ahead. There are generously buttered and syrup-covered pancakes, toast with every type of jam, and a cheesy melt — it’s your hangover cravings made wearable. Click on to see them all.

Originally published on October 15, 2014.

We’re fairly certain there must have been rapid-fire Googling for “bagel bag” among Chanel’s most devoted fans the moment actress India Menuez arrived at the Chanel No. 5 soiree on Monday night wearing the delicious design. After all, for anyone who remembers the Lagerfeld-designed hula-hoop, gas-can, or chopped-meat handbags, a bagel version didn’t seem like such a stretch for the fashion house. Sadly, the sesame-seeded style won’t be seen on the runway or in any e-boutique — it’s actually the cheeky creation of artist Chloe Wise, and there are many more carbs where it came from.

The New York artist first entered the luxury-meets-baked-goods territory with her take on a Replica Louis Vuitton baguette bag, a name that certainly lends itself to edible interpretation. The Chanel bagel and Fake Prada UK challah soon followed. “Bread is a symbol for status and wealth (think ‘the breadwinner’ or the use of the term ‘dough’),” Wise told us, “and these It bags connoted status in the early 2000s — which was the bat mitzvah era of my life (very important for a coming-of-age Jewess!).”

Citing the Prada rucksack’s heyday in the early aughts, Chloe Replica also notes that “these bags would have represented luxury, status, and would have afforded their owner instant popularity. I wanted to mirror the parallel of the importance of commodity in the art world.” Wise has also supplemented her faux food items with coordinating campaigns touting slogans such as “Ain’t No Challah Back(pack) Girl,” alongside spokesmodel Ashley Smith. Chloe will be compiling her collection into a book to be released next month. But, she gave us a first look at the not-so-edible (but still very satisfying) treats. Keep reading for a shmear of the good stuff.